10 creative gift ideas for babies under 10

10 Creative Gift Ideas for Babies Under $10

Hey Mommies, Daddies, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, etc! It can sometimes be difficult to think of gift ideas for babies. I mean, what do you get a baby that really can’t do a whole lot yet??

Here are 10 Creative Gift Ideas for Babies Under $10!

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1- Sippy Cup– Around 4-5 months, you can start introducing a sippy cup, or around 5-6 months you can go straight to a straw cup. A hard spout sippy cup typically works best to start learning. For Example, these Philips Avent Cups. aventcup

Or these Take & Toss Straw cups are great for learning and teaching straw drinking! takentoss

2- Puffs/Snacks– Babies can start working on solids and having some puffs or snacks around 6 months. A can of puffs or package of snacks makes a great little stocking stuffer!

wafers      puffsyogurtmelts

3- Oball Toys– Oballs are great for babies who are just starting to grasp and hold objects because they are easy for babies to hold. This was my son’s first favorite toy, and it would keep him entertained because he could actually hold it.

10 creative gift ideas under 10 for babies

4- Books– You can never go wrong with books! Reading to babies and young children is one of the best ways to promote speech and language development! Thick board books and bath books are also great options for babies so babies can play and interact without destroying the book. Finger puppet books are fun too!

10 creative gift ideas under 10 for babiessnowmanbookbathbook

5- Nice Set of Baby Utensils– A lot of baby utensils are too big, too small, or  plastic/silicon. A nice set of baby/toddler utensils is really great to have and can be so helpful with feeding in the first few years. The old “classic” metal baby spoon is still one of the best spoons for feeding a baby.

10 creative gift ideas under 10 for babies
Ok this one is $11.99 but a really nice set!

babyspoon6- Puppet– A puppet is a fun and interactive toy that is great to work on talking and engaging with a baby. You can work on visually tracking an object with a puppet and play silly games.


7- Wrist Rattles/ Foot Finders– Wrist/ankle rattles and foot finders are a great way to help a baby discover their hands and feet. This helps promote body awareness. Babies reach a point where they love to grab their toes and these make it even more fun!

10 creative gift ideas under 10 for babies

8- Toothbrush– Introducing teeth brushing early on can be so beneficial! It gets a baby used to the process and can also help decrease any fear, anxiety, and/or sensitivity later on. Also, most babies like it because a baby toothbrush is just another thing to put in their mouths and teethe on.

bananatoothbrush    10 creative gift ideas under 10 for babies

9- Teether– A lot of babies have teethers or just find a toy they love to chew on, but here are a couple more cute and unique teethers that babies may really like!

10 creative gift ideas under 10 for babies10 creative gift ideas under 10 for babies

10- Secure a Strap– Secure a straps can be used to secure a toy or cup and keep babies from throwing these items on the floor. These work great on high chairs, strollers, and car seats. I used them with my son, and it was SO nice not having to pick up a toy or cup from the floor and wash it off every couple minutes.

10 creative gift ideas under 10 for babies10 creative gift ideas under 10 for babies


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By: Emily Bettis, MOT/L

Emily Bettis, MOT/L is a pediatric occupational therapist and mother. She has been working with children birth-5 since 2008 and has been a mother since 2013. Emily is the founder and author HeyMommies.com