My name is Emily Bettis. I am a pediatric occupational therapist (OT) and a busy mom. I have been working with children from birth to age 5 since 2008 and became a mom myself in 2013.

Emily with her husband and their son
Emily with her husband and their son

As a pediatric OT, I have worked with children and families of all abilities and backgrounds. I have experience with children with Autism ADD/ADHD, chromosomal abnormailities, cerebral palsy, substance exposure, prematurity, and more.

Working as an OT, I have gained valuable insight and knowledge that helped prepare me for motherhood.  The early stages of a child’s development are the most critical, and can sometimes be the most challenging. Through Hey Mommies, I hope to share some of my knowledge, tips, tricks, and insight to surviving everyday life as a busy mom.

Posts on Hey Mommies are geared toward typically developing children, but in many instances, can also be applied to children with delays or disabilities.

If there are any mommies that have specific concerns or questions and would like some support or guidance, please check out my Parenting Support Services. Please feel free to contact me at emily@heymommies.com for more information.

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