benefits of playing with shaving cream

Benefits of Playing With Shaving Cream

Hey Mommies! If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your kiddos, try playing with shaving cream! There are actually quite a few benefits of playing with shaving cream.

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Shaving cream can be good for toddlers to children of really any age! Just make sure they aren’t going to put it in their mouth and there are no allergy concerns.

You can use any shaving cream but my favorite is Barbasol. It’s cheap and gets really nice and foamy.

Playing with shaving cream is a tactile activity and will stimulate the tactile sensory system. It is good to expose children to a variety of feelings and textures. Some kids may initially be sensitive and other kids may jump in and get covered in it. Either way, it provides stimulation to the tactile system which is good for developing the sensory system.

Playing with shaving cream can help promote creativity and imaginative play. You can get out some cars and trucks and pretend they are driving through snow or going through a soapy car wash. You can draw roads and drive cars along them. You can get out a Barbie or doll and pretend she’s taking a bubble bath. You can hide things in shaving cream and go on a hunt to find them.

benefits of playing with shaving cream

Another great benefit of playing with shaving cream is practicing drawing and writing. You can easily use a finger to draw shapes, write letters, or spell words. You can draw or writing something first and have your child trace what you made. You can draw something and have your child imitate it, or you can let them draw and write on their own.

benefits of playing with shaving cream

In working with kids who sometimes have handwriting difficulties or don’t like to write, shaving cream can be a great way to get them to practice. They often enjoy it because it’s something different.

benefits of playing with shaving cream

When you’re finished playing with shaving cream, it’s super easy to clean up! Kids get to make a big mess (which they usually find quite fun) and it all wipes right up! Shaving cream doesn’t stain and comes right off any surface including clothes (That’s been my experience using the Barbasol).

The last benefit of playing with shaving cream is that it’s likely to keep your kiddos entertained for awhile and it’s always nice to have one more activity to occupy them!

If you haven’t tried it before, see what your kiddos think of playing with shaving cream and let me know how it goes in the comments below!

By: Emily Bettis, MOT/L

Emily Bettis, MOT/L is a pediatric occupational therapist and mother. She has been working with children birth-5 since 2008 and has been a mother since 2013. Emily is the founder and author

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