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Giggle Drinks Review

Hey Mommies! If you’re looking for an organic, all natural, low calorie, great tasting beverage for your kiddos, check out Giggle drinks!

giggle drinks

*Disclaimer: I was given free samples of Giggle drinks to try in exchange for my honest review of the beverage. This post contains my honest opinion of the Giggle drink.

My husband and I significantly changed our eating habits when we found out we were going to be parents. We started doing more research, and moved to a more natural, fresh, organic diet.

We are always on the lookout for healthy, great tasting beverages or soda alternatives and especially something we’d be okay with our son drinking.

Giggle and Hey Mommies connected on Twitter, and I was really excited after reading about their beverage. It sounded great! When Giggle offered to send some samples, I was really thrilled!

Here is a video of my 2 1/2 year old son trying Giggle for the first time. He was not prompted to say anything. This is his true, honest, reaction to the drink. (Spoiler: He really liked it!!)

To summarize the video, in case you don’t have time to watch, my son really likes the orange option. It tastes so good he think it has candy in it!

Of course, my husband and I tried the Giggle drinks too. They currently come in Lemon (Lemonlicious) and Orange (Orangerrific).

Both tasted great, but as adults, we preferred the Lemon flavor. It was a little less sweet and a little more refreshing.

The Orange flavor had a sweeter taste and was a pretty strong/intense flavor. It was good, and I can see why my son liked it more. It just had more of a “kid” type flavor.

In my honest opinion, the Orange almost tasted a little fake or artificially sweetened, but there are NO artificial sweeteners in it or the Lemon so don’t worry about that! It must just be the recipe.

I wouldn’t change it, though, because it was a big hit with my son and kids are who Giggle is geared for. If Giggle can make an organic, all natural, low calorie drink for kids that tastes like candy, I think they’ve got it right!

Lemonlicious Ingredients
Orangerrific Ingredients
Giggle Nutrition Facts
Giggle Nutrition Facts

If you’d like to try some Giggle yourself, you can find it only in California areas at this time.

Locations include Erewhon markets (Calabasas/LA) , Vicente Foods (West LA), Mothers Markets (multiple locations), Pacific Coast Greens (Malibu), Stumps Family Marketplace (San Diego) and almost a dozen more locations around Southern California which are still pending at this time.

Hopefully, Giggle starts spreading to other states soon or offers an option to buy online because these are great drink options for kids and adults! Keep an eye on for more info!

By: Emily Bettis, MOT/L


Emily Bettis, MOT/L is a pediatric occupational therapist and mother. She has been working with children birth-5 since 2008 and has been a mother since 2013. Emily is the founder and author

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  1. Your 2 year old talks and looks like a 3-5 year old boy. He talks and says I don’t like that one , most 2 year olds say single words or nothing at all. A 1 year old can talk but get things a little mixed up. A 2 year old can tell you their name and age ! A 3-5 year old can chat to you ! I am very impressed with your toddlers talking development, has improved since I last met him ! His hair style keeps on changing . When you were doing the development delay post, he looked like a 2 year old boy his age! When you were concerned about your little boy’s development, it looked like he was 1 in that nappy ! He looks like 3 in this video much older than he is and he is still very young , but the hair style in this video is the one I see most ! Very well done to our 2 year old friend.

  2. Sounds tasty , the ingredients look delicious ! I will be looking for one for Lamb but he’s only 2 and it might be a little fizzy and shocky for him, did your little boy have any problems? Asking as the drink can looks like a fizzy drink can. We will try it at least! And Bear is way to young for these, maybe. I will be having a baby boy in May . Tell me where you buy them, I hope I go to the right shop! I will let you know our experience .

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