Parenting Support Services

Hey Mommies! (and Daddies) or guardians, caregivers, etc…

Is there something you’re struggling with, have concerns with for your child, or just need to talk? I am available for support, guidance, and/or coaching via email, phone, video chat, or in person (if possible- restrictions apply)parenting support services

Parenting support services are available for parents of children birth to 5 years old. Areas I can assist with are:

  • General Child Development
  • Feeding/Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Behaviors
  • Grasping
  • Hand writing
  • Sleeping
  • Potty training
  • General Parenting Questions

The first support session is free. This includes the first support email OR the first 15 minutes of a phone call, video chat, or in person session.

After that, support sessions are billed at $1 per minute (phone, video chat, or in person) OR $20 per support email I send to you. Emails you send to me are not billed.

You can contact me at if you have any other questions or would like to begin talking.

Thank you!

***DISCLAIMER: While I am a pediatric occupational therapist, and can provide insight and guidance in the areas listed above, parenting support services are in no way to be considered medical treatment or occupational therapy services.

If your child currently has a medical need for direct therapy services or a situation arises where you feel your child may need direct therapy services, you should consult your child’s pediatrician and/or seek out local therapy providers.***

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