pros and cons of having a sick child

Pros and Cons of Having a Sick Child

Hey Mommies… My son has been running a fever the past few days. Luckily no pooping or puking or anything like that. He just seems to have a fever and has been quite lethargic. 🙁

While I never want my son to be sick, and I hate seeing him feel bad, I’ve also enjoyed the past couple days of love, cuddles, and calmness.

This got me thinking of the pros and cons of having a sick child and just thought I’d share what I came up with. Let’s start with the cons first.

  1. Your Baby is Sick– Clearly this is the biggest con. No parent wants to see their little one sick. It makes me feel so bad for my son. I wish I could take it all away and make him feel better. I know how it feels to be sick, and I don’t want him to have to feel that way.
  2. The Symptoms of Their Illness– My son’s fever really isn’t bad but pooping, puking, green snot, coughs, congestion, sneezes, sore throats, and ear aches really are not much fun.
  3. A Mother’s Fear– Even though I work in health care and know that my son will likely be just fine in a few days after the illness has run its course, there’s always a part of me that’s fearful and slightly paranoid. Crazy thoughts occasionally creep into my mind like “What if he spikes a super high fever and it damages his brain?!” or “What if this is more than just a little bug?” Overall, I’d say I’m a very calm and laid back mom, but I think we all get those crazy fearful thoughts sometimes.
  4. Being Trapped at Home– There’s no running errands or going to work when your little one is sick. I’m incredibly fortunate to have my son’s grandparents to watch him, so I’m not so trapped. But, for those that rely on child care or stay at home, having a sick child really limits your options of getting out during the day. Now, if their illness goes on for a few days, you can really start to go stir crazy and feel like you’re just sitting in a germy infested mess!
  5. Catching Their Illness– It’s probably about 90% certain that you will end up catching whatever they have and that it will spread throughout the household to siblings or your significant other. When your kiddo is all over you and you’re taking care of them all day, you’re bound to get their germs. For the 10% of you that avoid catching it, lucky you… I hate you… just kidding 🙂 xoxo

Ok now, after that, let’s talk about the pros!

  1. The Cuddles and Love– I don’t know about your kiddos but all my son has wanted to do is curl up and cuddle and love on me. I LOVE this. When he’s well, he’ll actually cuddle with me some every morning, but for the most part, he’s on the go and I don’t get a whole lot of love and cuddles. When he’s sick and only wants his mama to cuddle, I take advantage of it!
  2. Sitting on the Couch and Watching Movies– Goes along with the cuddles, but it’s quite nice to just curl up on the couch under a blanket and watch movies, even if it means watching the same 2 or 3 movies over and over and over… and over… again. I think I can quote all of “Home” and “Cars” now. 🙂
  3. The Calmness– Luckily for me, my son is not the most rambunctious boy, but he’s still very active and constantly wants to be doing something or have me play with him. A few days of calmness is sometimes a nice break from constantly being on the go.
  4. Missing Work– Also a con, especially if you’ve run out of PTO days or frequently have a sick child, but if not, getting to miss a day or 2 of work to stay at home with your kiddo can be quite nice.
  5. Seeing Your Kiddo Get Better– Even though the cuddles, movie watching, calmness, and missing work are nice, it’s so great to wake up one morning and see the twinkle back in your child’s eyes of being healthy and well again.

So what are your thoughts? Any pros or cons of having a sick child that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

PS- If anyone has a sick kiddo, I wish them a very speedy recovery, and that you’re one of the lucky ones who doesn’t catch it! :)… I haven’t been quite so lucky. I’m now fighting a cold 🙁

By: Emily Bettis, MOT/L

Emily Bettis, MOT/L is a pediatric occupational therapist and mother. She has been working with children birth-5 since 2008 and has been a mother since 2013. Emily is the founder and author

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  1. The pros you mention are so true! The next time my daughter gets sick, I’m going to try to focus on those things. It is wonderful to get extra hugs and cuddles and to see them get better. Well wishes coming your way, Emily! xx

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